5 Profitable Business Ideas In Times Of Crisis

It is in this complicated situation due to the virus that great entrepreneurs find the perfect space to boost their new businesses.
That’s why we leave you with 5 profitable business ideas for 2020:

1. E-learning

It is clear that interest in e-learning has grown due to confinement. Due to the forced stop of the pandemic many people have suffered a temporary or permanent loss of their jobs. Therefore, many have seen a great opportunity to acquire knowledge that will improve their skills and chances of finding a job when it is all over.

2. E-commerce

Online stores are no longer the future, they are the present. And they will continue to grow as events related to the Covid-19 or any other crisis occur. E-commerce is in full growth and it is possible that its escalation will be unstoppable. Whether you have a physical store or are considering a digital business… Why not ride this wave?

3. Second-hand shops

The drop in consumption by the population due to the economic crisis favours the use of second-hand products because they are cheaper. This kind of business hardly requires investment (we are the intermediaries and use the liquidity of the sales to acquire more objects).

4. Renting

Many people who are suffering from salary cuts or have a lot of debt will not be able to afford necessary items such as a car or certain devices. This is where renting comes in. This business model is based on a pay-per-use or fixed-time payment (days, weeks, months, years…). In this business, it is necessary to have an initial capital to be able to buy the objects that are going to be rented later.

5. Financial services

When there is an economic crisis, it does not only affect public bodies and large companies, but it also affects all the pockets of ordinary people. Many people find themselves in complicated situations because they have no knowledge of investments, savings, accounting, etc.
In this situation they need the figure of the financial advisor, lawyers to denounce the banks, private lenders…

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